2016 Fantasy Backers

Thank you to our backers

for believing in us and our books!

Thank you to all the backers of the 2016 Fantasy Novel campaign, which supported the release of The Demon Girl’s Song and A Witch’s Kitchen!

Aimee Yermish
Alia Atlas
Amanda Raifsnider
Anders M. Ytterdahl
Annie Fitzgerald
Anthony R. Cardno
April Sue Billings
Asymptotic Binary
C. Dechief
Cameron Greatorex
Cathy Franchett
Chad Bowden
Chris Shabsin
Christina S.
Claudia Cruz-Teixe
Curtis and Maryrita Steinhour
Daniel Lin
David Mortman
David Perlmutter
Dawn Albright
Dirk I. Tiede
Eduard Lukhmanov
Elisabeth Schramm
Elizabeth Hunter & Jason Merrill
Erin Subramanian
Ester Chen
Faiz and Cora Wareh
Fleet Sparrow
Gary Denney
Heather Jordan
Helen H. Jacobs
Isaac ‘Will It Work’ Dansicker
Iyna Kaihlanen
Jan Innes
Jeanne Kramer-Smyth
Jeffrey Meyer
Jen Woods
Jenny B. Lynn
Jeremy M. Gottwig
Jessica Brien
John Green
K Hillman
Katie Collette
Keith “Bob“ Hall
L Bethard
Lara Karbiner
Laura S.
Lauren Barbieri
Lauren Wallace
Leif & Toby Hansen
Lennhoff Fam
Lily Smentkowski
Liz Munro
Magdaléna Kacejová
Maggie Allen
Maia B W Sanders
Margaret St. John
Marianne Knowles
Marti Johnson
Michael A. Burstein
Michael McComas
Mike O’Brien
Nathan Duby
Peter Thew
Philda Todzan
Rachel Will
Robin Shostack
Roman Pauer
Roy Romasanta
Sarah Shamel
Scott T. Barnes
Shamel-Richardson Family
Sherry D. Ramsey
Sherstin Banting
Slocum Family
Sonja Kueppers
Sunny & Ben Jackson
Svend Andersen
Tamara Michelle Slaten
the Cohen Dvornik family
Thomas Bull
Timothy Gwyn
Vanessa Cartwright
Vanessa Kotiadis
Zoe Anne Baxter Buchanan

She wanted adventure. She got a demon and a dying world…

Millie’s a witch. So why can’t she do magic?

When you can’t remember most of your life, you’d better be prepared for anything. A middle grade fantasy adventure!

Our first collection of science fiction stories for middle grade readers. Come check it out!

Readers asked for the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide to be a series. We’re happy to oblige!

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