Celebrating A Witch's Kitchen and The Demon Girl's Song!


To celebrate the launch of The Demon Girl’s Song and A Witch’s Kitchen, Dreaming Robot Press is running a raffle from now through October 15.


Grand Prize – Both signed, personalized paperbacks, PLUS an ebook bundle of all Dreaming Robot Press titles, including the forthcoming 2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, pre-loaded and mailed on a new Kindle Fire tablet.

First Prize – Both signed, personalized paperbacks, PLUS the all ebook bundle

Second Prize – Your choice of either signed, personalized paperbacks, plus the all ebook bundle 

Third Prize  – All Dreaming Robot Press ebook bundle

Entering is easy!

Use the form below to send us a receipt of your purchase of The Demon Girl’s Song or A Witch’s Kitchen in ebook OR paperback, from ANY vendor.

Want more chances?  If you love the books, come back here and send a screenshot (jpg or gif) of your review of either title for a second entry. If you are a book blogger, post a screenshot of your review on your site!  (one entry per review, per book, per platform)

Books are live at all major retailers starting September 25,

and available for pre-order now!

A Witch’s Kitchen  |  The Demon Girl’s Song

She wanted adventure. She got a demon and a dying world…

Millie’s a witch. So why can’t she do magic?

When you can’t remember most of your life, you’d better be prepared for anything. A middle grade fantasy adventure!

Year three of our science fiction anthology for middle grade readers is in process!

Readers asked for the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide to be a series. We’re happy to oblige!

Our first collection of science fiction stories for middle grade readers. Come check it out!

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