2016 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide

I highly recommend this collection. I love the variety of young voices it contains. From kids making first contact to piloting starships the range of adventure is fantastic.

-- West Coast Book Reviews

“When I was a child, the school library had a Girls’ Section, which included fairy tales, and a Boys’ Section, which included all the science fiction. Things have changed, of course, but not enough. There is a strong need for science fiction, as opposed to fantasy, aimed at girls, especially in the middle grades. This anthology is an important contribution to the effort to fill that need, and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”~ Nancy Kress, winner of six Nebulas, two Hugos, a Sturgeon, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award 

There is no doubt that things have been getting better.

In the last year alone, huge strides have been made as parents and other concerned adults have spoken out against the unnecessary gendering of children’s books and toys, as well as the importance of representation and diversity in the media children consume.

Increasingly, people are realizing that these “rules” about boy things for boys, girl things for girls have no basis in reality, or even kids’ preferences, but in out-dated traditions.

Earlier this year we published the 2015 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide – a collection of 24 science fiction stories aimed at middle grade readers with a focus on diversity and representation. Girls and boys of all skin tones are the heroes here. Our authors ranged from Hugo and Nebula winners to relative newcomers in the field.

And the response to the project was overwhelmingly positive:


“I just wanted to let you know that I received my print copy last night. I backed the book for my 6 year old daughter. My expectation was that we would need to hold on to it for a few years. I had to pry it out of her hands to get her to go to bed. The going is a bit slow, in part because the stories are the most advanced she has read, but in part because she is so excited she has to stop regularly to explain to me what is going on in the story. She has declared it her favorite book.” ~Gary D.


“My daughter is on the couch presently, reading her copy, which I handed to her approximately 3 minutes ago. She is engrossed. Thank you. :)” ~Matthew McFarland


“Entertaining, varied and enrapturing – my young wards for the weekend have positively devoured the book and I’ll admit enjoying it myself once they very reluctantly set it down. I really hope Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide becomes a series. :)” ~Andro Berkovic

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