In June we’re launching the Kickstarter for the 4th collection of our yearly anthology of science fiction short stories for middle grade readers.  I’d really like to start with a bang, and would love to get as much coverage as possible on June 13, 14 and 15.

Our backers tend to be parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents who read SFF and get it for their kids, or adults who read YA/MG SFF for themselves.  If that’s your list, I’d love to connect.

I’m happy to pay for mention in your newsletter, at the rates below.  I’m also happy to do swaps, if your book is good for YA/MG SFF readers – ping me and lets talk.

Last year’s backers will be voting on a cover next week, but click here to see last year’s collection, so you can see what its all about:

Once the cover is decided, I’ll have graphics and copy and links ready for anyone who’d like to participate.  Let me know if  you’re interested at the link below, and if you’d like a review copy to make sure the book is a good fit, we can do that!  (Nancy Kress is leading the TOC again!)

Offered pay rates:

1-5K: $5
5-10K: $10
5-10k: $15
10-15k: $20
15-20k: $25
20-25k: $30
25-30k: $35
35-40k: $45
40k+: $50

Still interested?  Yay!



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