"A fun adventure fantasy...a great choice for middle grade students."


"YA readers will love this quick fantasy."

Melanie Thompson, Library Media Specialist Thorpe, J Gordon Elementary, Jefferson City Public Schools

When you can’t remember most of your life, you’d better be prepared for anything. The day a talking crow meets her on the way home from school, fourteen-year-old Rosinda is plunged into a forgotten world filled with startling revelations: magic ability flows in her veins, she’s most comfortable with a sword in her hand, and the responsibility for finding a missing prince rests solely with her.

While dark forces hover in the background and four forgotten war gods from Earth’s past plot to reclaim long-lost power, Rosinda struggles with waves of slowly-returning memories as she searches for clues about her past and the true identity of her family; a search that takes her back and forth between two worlds. In a race against time to recover her memory, find the prince, and rescue her loved ones, Rosinda has only her friend Jerrell and an unusual trio of animals as companions. And as the gods prepare to bring her world to war, Rosinda is unaware that the shadow of betrayal lurks within one whom she trusts the most…

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The Seventh Crow is a fun adventure fantasy that highlights the types of challenges protagonists face on a quest. Rosinda is a likeable character who has believable growth as she develops throughout the story, questioning her own identity and who to trust as she recovers her memories. With touches of ancient mythology interwoven into the story’s conflict, readers will find a unique approach to an age-old adventure with the discovery of magic in unlikely places. The Seventh Crow would be a great choice for middle grades student looking for a standalone fantasy with easy world-building and a quick pace.
—Jewel Davis
VOYA Magazine
October 2015


Sherry D. Ramsey is a speculative fiction writer, editor, publisher, creativity addict and self-confessed internet geek. When she’s not writing, she makes jewelry, gardens, hones her creative procrastination skills on social media, and consumes far more coffee and chocolate than is likely good for her.

Her debut novel, One’s Aspect to the Sun, was published by Tyche Books in late 2013 and was awarded the Book Publishers of Alberta “Book of the Year” Award for Speculative Fiction. The sequel, Dark Beneath the Moon, is due out from Tyche in 2015. Her other books include To Unimagined Shores—Collected Stories, and an urban fantasy/mystery novel, The Murder Prophet. With her partners at Third Person Press she has co-edited five anthologies of regional short fiction to date. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous publications and anthologies in North America and beyond. Every November she disappears into the strange realm of National Novel Writing Month and emerges gasping at the end, clutching something resembling a novel.

A member of the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia Writer’s Council, Sherry is also a past Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer of SF Canada, Canada’s national association for Speculative Fiction Professionals.
You can visit Sherry online at www.sherrydramsey.com, find her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter @sdramsey.

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